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Gunilla Girardo with Twomentor, Vice President

 Gunilla Girardo Headshot

Gunilla is a results-driven agile—internationally recognized—leader backed by strong market development skills and a vast international network. She has 20+ years of experience in helping companies and organizations grow and succeed in the United States and Scandinavia. She has a keen entrepreneurial understanding of the possibilities of growth and transformation by understanding, identifying, and capturing emerging markets and needs—all while helping the next generation of leaders excel.

She is very excited to be part of the Twomentor team which provides a perfect platform for her to help companies create healthy work cultures where women, millennials and minorities are elevated to leadership positions with the help of corporate mentoring and sponsorship programs.

Gunilla is a change-maker for goodness to be reckoned with! She is a master networker, generous connector and smart strategist, manifested in her desire to make the world better through effective action. She has made a remarkable difference in the lives of so many youth while helping companies find talent, meaning and building a new foundation for their industries.

As President & CEO for Mentor Foundation USA, founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden, she led the organization from a local to national key partner in drug prevention programs for youth by transforming its program platform to be portable, scalable, cost-effective—and most importantly accessible to thousands more young people across the United States.

As past President for the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce (SACC-USA), the organization grew to be the second largest European chamber of commerce in the U.S. She created two new regional offices in the U.S. and launched a highly successful business matchmaking program designed to facilitate regional economic development and position SACC-USA as a key player in trans-Atlantic trade and commerce as well as a central connecting point for investors, businesses, government- and trade organizations and universities.

In advising young people entering the working world today, including the seventy interns she’s had over the years, Gunilla underscores the importance of taking the time to travel and engage in cross-cultural experiences. But she has more advice for the older generations who can learn so much when they take the time to invest in young people. “It’s important for every professional to stay connected with how the younger generation is thinking and operating,” she affirms. “It keeps the organization fresh and innovative, and gives young people the opportunity to engage and contribute. If we give them a platform to speak up and we are willing to listen, they have a lot of great things to say.”

Each company, organization, and individual that Gunilla touches is a stitch in the work of art that Gunilla has dedicated her life to completing. “To me, embroidery symbolizes the extreme patience, care, and commitment it takes to create any complex entity of meaning and elegance,” she says. “Whether you’re building a business, growing a foundation, or pursuing some other goal in life, you have to undertake the tedious, detail-oriented work of building success step-by-step. Every stitch matters.”


Gunilla is a recipient of SmartCEO Brava Award (2016) and is recognized as a Profile in Success (2016) by Bernhard Wealth Management. She a sought-after global speaker on Mentoring, Personal & Professional Development