Concurrent Breakouts – Three and Four

Session Four of Concurrent Breakouts Sessions repeat from the 12:45 p.m. – 1:25 p.m. Sessions in the same location.

LIFE Promenade Ballroom

Communicating and Growing Through Conflict: How to Listen to Others Without Losing Your Voice – Paula Vest-Woodfolk

This interactive workshop will focus on principles and strategies that will encourage women to decisively address and overcome the challenges that can exist when facing conflicts in their personal and professional lives. We don’t have to run away from problems, because its possible to grow personally and strengthen relationships as we deal with tension and disagreements. We will explore how: effective listening can encourage others to listen to us; how trusting our intuition can reduce the frequency and intensity of conflicts; and how better communication can provide deeper connections and more fulfilling and satisfying relationships. The participants will be given an opportunity to practice effective communication skills that will foster confidence to be more proactive when building rapport, establishing and maintaining boundaries, and assigning roles within our relationships.

George Washington Room (Lower Level)
Resilient Women: Surviving and Thriving in the Messy Middle – Renee Branson

Resilience. It is a word we hear a lot about. We know that it is something we need to help us overcome life’s changes and challenges. But what really IS resilience? Is it something we either have or don’t have? Can we cultivate resilience if we want more of it? And how in the world do we tap into our resilience when we are eyeball deep in the “messy middle” of our professional, family, and personal lives? I define resilience as the ability to not simply bounce back from change and challenge, but the ability to bounce forward! Resilience is a practice and a process, not a product. Resilience is a series of tools, skills, outlooks and resources that allow us to work through our trying times with grit and optimism. It’s easy to feel optimistic and resilient when things are smooth sailing, so I focus not only on how to cultivate resilience when things are going well, but how to tap into our emergency stores of resilience when we are in the messy middle of life.

CAREER Thomas Jefferson Room (Lower Level)

Core Value Connection: Experience Success, and Fulfillment in your Career and Life – Kelly Landes

The Core Values that are woven through our life stories are the foundation for the feelings of success and happiness in our careers. Understanding and aligning with your core values is essential to happiness and helps you to chart your course in your career and in life. Our values are born from our own life stories and understanding those stories and what information we attached to from them is essential to our success and career happiness.

We don’t often take the opportunity to connect with what we value, yet when we are unhappy, overwhelmed and frustrated, it is often a sign that we are not in alignment with what we value.

This workshop will emphasize the foundational importance of values and then create the space to reflect on those values in order to identify the top 5 values that you operate from and how you can use those values as your North Star.

Gallery A/B Room
Is Your Leadership Creating a Legacy? – Lisa Harris

Harvard Business Review conducted a study that reported that women have a hard time being heard or getting their point across even when they are the experts in the room. Finding Your Voice is a creative leadership development session intended to strengthen confidence and empower women to drive results personally and professionally.

MONEY Montdomaine Room

Market Less and Make More – Mary Foley

Are you doing lots of marketing, but not getting lots of results? Do you wonder if you’re doing the right marketing to connect with your ideal clients? Are you just plain tired by it all?

If so, you’re far from alone. The number of ways to reach out and marketing to prospects is exploding. And so is the time to implement them on your calendar. It’s easy to feel discouraged and frustrated. Time for a better way. A simpler way. A smarter and more profitable way.

This session is based on my personal story – especially what didn’t work and then what did – of building my business after leaving a corporate career. If you want fresh insights on what it really takes to generate the revenue you really want, this is the session for you!

HEALTH Gallery C Room

Reset Your Nervous System in Seconds – Lynsie McKeown

Collectively as a culture we are deeply unhappy. Anxiety, depression, stress and suicide are at all-time highs in the West. Yet we have more knowledge than ever before. More freedoms, more information and technology. So why has anxiety and depression become the new ‘normal’? The very devices and technologies that give us access to information and modern conveniences are turning our nervous systems upside now by overstimulating our nervous systems. Chronic activation of the nervous system takes a toll on the body’s immune health and its ability to selfheal and reset itself. However, there are simple techniques, accessible to anyone, that can reset the nervous system and activate the body’s immune response; all within seconds