Charlottesville VA - Quadruplicity 2013 Women's Conference
Quadruplicity 2013 Women's Conference

Quadruplicity 2013

Monday, February 11 | Omni Hotel | 8am - 6pm

VISION: #1 local conference that sets the standard for women’s success

MISSION: An inspiring professional event which includes:
Education, Networking,  Personal Growth, Mentoring Opportunities, and Leadership Development.

VALUES: Inclusive, Professional/Personal Development, Balanced

The 2013 Chamberís Annual Quadruplicity Conference, sponsored by the University of Virginia Health System, is a transformative business event that gives women & men invaluable insight and applicable knowledge needed to take charge of what is most important to them.

This leading premier business womenís event centered on career, life, money, and health, sets the standard for womenís success in all quadrants of their lives.

The day-long conference is a gathering of motivated business professionals, female and male alike.

In an inclusive and engaging environment, Quadruplicity opens the doors to significant and lasting experiences in education, networking, mentoring, leadership development, and personal growth.

2013 Chamberís Annual Quadruplicity Conference is a leading annual business womenís event centered on career, life, money, and health.

The 2013 conference date and venue are scheduled for Monday, February 11 at the Omni Hotel Charlottesville in Virginia.

In its sixth year, the 2013 Annual Chamber Quadruplicity Conference is† a part of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Womenís Round†Table.

The Chamber is honored to have UVA Health System as its† title sponsor for the event.


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