The future of Quadruplicity

February 2021

Dear friends,

Our annual Quadruplicity women’s conference is on hold in 2021 amid the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. During this pause, we’re taking a fresh look at the role of Quadruplicity in our community.

The Business Women’s Round Table is forming a short-term task force to examine the question: How can we use our volunteer time wisely to support women’s professional development? Over the next few months, 2020 Quad Co-Chair Janie Kast will lead the process of exploring different options and sharing recommendations.

Will the future bring us a new year of the Quadruplicity conference we know and love, or something entirely new? We are excited to envision the possibilities and see what the future brings.

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Hosted by the Business Women’s Round Table
of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce

VISION: #1 local conference that sets the standard for women’s success
MISSION: To be an inspiring professional event which includes Education, Networking, Personal Growth, Mentoring Opportunities and Leadership Development
VALUES: Inclusion, Professional & Personal Development, Balance