Quadruplicity is Central Virginia’s Premier Women’s Conference. Now in its thirteenth year, the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual Quadruplicity Women’s Conference has been a transformative business event that gives women & men valuable insight and applicable knowledge needed to take charge of what is most important to them.

The term “Quadruplicity” grew from recognizing the four main aspects of our lives: Career, Life, Money and Health. This leading premier business women’s event sets the standard for women’s success in all quadrants of their lives.

In an inclusive and engaging environment, Quadruplicity opens the door to significant and lasting experiences in education, networking, mentoring, leadership development and personal growth. The day-long conference is a gathering of motivated business professionals, female and male alike.

VISION: #1 local conference that sets the standard for women’s success
MISSION: To be an inspiring professional event which includes Education, Networking, Personal Growth, Mentoring Opportunities and Leadership Development
VALUES: Inclusion, Professional & Personal Development, Balance