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CHO - Charlottesville Albemarle Airport

CHO - Charlottesville Albemarle Airport

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Charlottesville Woman 4 Under 40 Award

Q2012 4 Under 40 AwardCharlottesville Woman 4 Under 40 Award is designed to honor young professional women who have made innovative strides in their professions and are making a positive impact on the Charlottesville community as a whole.

Do you know a woman under the age of 40 (by Dec. 31, 2012) who has done something new, something innovative, something that moves the Charlottesville area toward a bright and shiny future? We want to hear about them! They can be of any vocation, but must live in our area and be at least 21 years old as of the end of this year.

• All nominations must be submitted on the online 4 Under 40 Nomination link below.
• You can nominate yourself, sister, mother, daughter or local female professional.
•You may nominate as many inspirational Charlottesville area women as you wish, but nominating someone more than once will not help their chances of winning. It is the quality of the nomination, rather than the number of nominations, that will determine the winner.
• You may attach a resume, but it is not a substitute for completed responses on the nomination form.
• Answer all questions as fully as possible.

Who should you nominate? The woman must have shown innovation and achievement in their vocation; must show exceptional service commitment to our community; she must have shown vision and leadership in professional and/or charitable works; and she must have demonstrated her ability to juggle work/family/self.



2012 Athena Award Winners



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